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Information for Survivors

bluebell Surviving sexual violence. As a survivor of sexual violence you may be experiencing difficulties in your life resulting from the impact of the trauma you have experienced. Feelings of shame and self-blame, guilt, anger, fear or all the different symptoms of post-traumatic stress, like depression, experiencing suicidal tendencies, grief, anxieties, lack of trust, problems with eating, tendencies to self-harm and general low self-esteem can occur after experiences of sexual violence. We believe that an experience of sexual violence is not a life sentence that recovery is possible and that survivors are entitled to access the support they deserve. We believe no matter what the circumstances, sexual violence is never the survivor’s fault the blame always lies with the perpetrator.

Types of sexual violence.

Over the years we have heard about many different forms of sexual violence. We have supported people who have experienced sexual harassment and bullying, rape, gang rape, child sexual abuse and incest, abuse in prostitution and pornography, trafficking, ritual abuse, sexual violence as part of domestic violence and female genital mutilation.

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Remember it is possible to heal from the effects of trauma. We will listen and believe you. We also provide advocacy and information in particular around reporting to the Gardai and the legal process.

Call our freephone helpline 1800 750 780

We are here to listen and support you.

All our  services are confidential and free. For more information on services available please click here



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