Sligo Rape Crisis Centre


If you are a family member or a friend of someone who has been affected by sexual violence, you are in the right place.


How to access the service:

If you are concerned about a loved one and not sure what to do next, please call our helpline on 1800 750 780 to talk to a professional in confidence.

For advice and information please call our helpline on 1800 750 780 or email us at

To speak to a professional call our helpline between 10am and 12noon, Monday to Friday. Outside of these hours you can leave a message with your name and contact number, and one of our support workers will call you back within 24 hours.

‘We’re here to listen’

Road to Recovery:

Supporters of SRCC

Phone to speak to a professional for information and advice

  1. Support your loved one to contact us
  2. We call your loved one with their permission
  3. You get support for yourself


Assessment within 1 week

Counselling within 6 weeks

  1. Online Counselling
  2. One to one Counselling
  3. Telephone Counselling


For further information please use the links to FAQs etc.


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