Sligo Rape Crisis Centre

New Counselling Volunteers Start

We are delighted to announce that 5 new face-to face counselling volunteers have just started with us here in Sligo. In addition to having their own previous counselling qualifications and experience they have also been trained, by us, specifically to work with survivors of sexual violence. Enhancing our  face-to face counselling team has long been a goal of our Strategic Plan, as demand for our counselling and support services continues to increase year on year. In 2016 we were dismayed to have people waiting an average of 1-2 months for a counselling appointment and it is our hope that waiting times will be reduced in 2017 as a result of the new counsellors coming on board.

Our counselling and support services are available to survivors of sexual violence, such as rape and child sexual abuse, and their supporters such as family and friends. If you would like to make an appointment or for more information please call Freephone 1800 750780



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